Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bright Ideas: Recess Check-out Chart

Welcome to another month full of bright ideas. Today I'm going to share a quick idea to help keep recess equipment organized and know who has your equipment during recess, while also allowing everyone to have a turn using the recess equipment. Many of you probably already have a card pull chart (or some other type of color-coded behavior system) already in place in your classroom, and this idea builds on that concept. Here is a picture of my card pull chart....  Let's not discuss the fact that it is ripped and falling apart... This baby has been with me through 3 different schools over 8 school years, and is on its last threads.... I plan in making a new one this summer. Anyway, the card pull system is used school-wide at my school, so it's something I have to have in my classroom anyway...

Okay so about recess.... I was getting tired of my equipment being lost and scattered all over the playground and field, and I was tired of the same few kids always taking the soccer balls and kick balls. It was exhausting to try and keep track of who had and hadn't had a turn, and that's when my bright idea was born! Because my kids already had a number on the card pull chart, I just wrote each of their names and numbers on a large craft stick and stuck it in the card pull chart behind their cards, and quickly glued some pictures of the equipment on empty pocket envelopes, and created a recess check out chart!

Here's my recess check-out chart. As you can see, it's nothing fancy. And before you ask, no, I don't have the graphics available for you to print.... I might make a cutsie packet at some point, but I seriously just opened a blank word document, searched for the graphics I needed, and quickly printed them.  No time for cute fluff!

Here are my check-out chart rules:

1. You must be on green to check out equipment.
2. You can check out equipment once a day.
3. If you do not return the equipment at the end of recess, your stick is moved to the "lose a turn" spot for the week (or until lost equipment is found and returned.)
4.  If equipment is permanently lost or damaged, your stick might be thrown away or left in "lose a turn" spot for more than a week.
5. Only the recess chart helper or the teacher can reset the recess chart.

You can use these rules in your classroom, or use mine as guidelines to create your own. I think the rules are pretty much self-explanatory, but it will quickly explain how I use them. Every child starts on green each day, so rule #1 goes with that. If they can't follow directions in class, they can't take equipment out to recess. You can decide if you like this rule or not. It works great in my room, especially since I don't have a ton of equipment to begin with. Once they have had a turn, they must return the equipment to the recess basket, and put their stick in the "already had a turn" spot. That gets reset every day, so they know that they will get another turn tomorrow.... The great thing about this is that the kids are learning how to SHARE!! They are learning to plan ahead and play with others... I often hear them talking and making plans for who will check out equipment for which recess, and it gets them playing TOGETHER.

Rules 3 and 4 are rarely needed.... But for some kids, bless their hearts, it doesn't matter how many chances I give them, when they check out equipment, it doesn't come back (or worse, it gets kicked over the fence, into the road, and run over by a semi... True story!) so, for those rare occasions when they just can't follow directions, their stick goes to "lose a turn" for a while. If their stick is there a LOT, or if they damage multiple pieces of equipment, I have been known to throw their stick in the garbage can.... Again, this is rare, but it HAS happened. Yes, I'm *that* mean! Lol!

Rule 5 -- I am super forgetful and don't always reset the sticks at the end of the day, so I added a "recess chart helper" to my helper chart. The recess helper can reset the sticks if I have forgotten (which is pretty much every day...) Kids love to help, and I'm always thankful for their helping hands!

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  1. I like this system! I just randomly handed them out to the kids who asked, but I'm sure it would have been better to be a little more equitable! Thanks for the tip!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. Fantastic post!! Thanks for your help this morning ;)
      Lory’s Page