Monday, August 4, 2014

New vocabulary set, product updates, and more!!

 First thing's first -- in case you haven't already heard, the big back to school sale starts today!! It seems so early to be thinking about back to school, but the first day will be here before I know it! I'm actually going to go into school today to switch some bulletin boards, so stay tuned for some pictures when it's all done!

Speaking of the sale, I've been hard at work the last few days trying to get one last product finished in time for the sale. A sweet teacher from Texas contacted me recently, and asked if I would be willing to make some language arts vocabulary cards similar to my math ones. I was both flattered and overwhelmed at the request, but set out to work on it and hoped for the best. Let me just say, I think I outdid myself!! Even I couldn't have dreamed that it would turn out as well as it did. Because the request came from Texas, I wanted to make sure that all the TEKS specific words were included in the packet (along with all the CCSS words since that's what I teach with.) What started out as a simple request turned into a 50 page, 134 word download with all the words necessary to teach language arts in the primary classroom. Unlike my math words walls, which are grade level specific, this pack is made for first, second, AND third grade classrooms. So many of the words overlap that it would have been very hard to narrow them down by grade level without having a great deal of overlap, so I have bundled it all into one big packet of awesomeness!  Click on the picture below to check it out in my TPT store :)

In addition to making this new packet, I also updated all of my math word wall packs to include an editable PowerPoint template in case you need to make your own cards for words that might not have been included in the packet. This template is included in the new ELA pack as well :) The second grade word wall pack also got a big makeover, so if you already own it, you can download the update in your "my purchases" tab on TPT, and if you don't own it, you can click on the picture below to check it out on TPT. This was the first word wall set that I made, and a thicker version of the font was released AFTER I made this packet.... So I tried it on my first and third grade word walls and really liked the style, so I finally updated the second grade pack.  I think the bold font really makes the words POP!  These are also available for first grade HERE, and third grade HERE.

And finally, here are the winners of the Math Mania packet from Third Grade Tidbits. Congrats ladies! Check your email and be sure to tell Gina thanks :)

Okay, it's time for me to start focusing on school. As I've mentioned before, I am switching grades this year, so I can't promise how often I will be checking in here or making new things... (I do have a few things up my sleeve), but I love posting on facebook and Instagram, so make sure you're following me there so we can stay connected throughout the year!!

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