Friday, September 5, 2014

Classroom Reveal, Winner & Freebie :)

Well, school is officially back in session and I am officially EXHAUSTED!  But, I must say, I am loving third grade more and more each day.  I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, and I'll try to get around to an actual update or blog post of some sort soon.... but for now, check out my classroom pics.  Make sure to read all the way to the bottom to find a little freebie ;)

So, if you remember my ikea-makeover last year, a lot of this will look familiar... And despite appearances, I actually don't enjoy re-decorating my classroom.... but since I was changing grades (and staying in my same classroom), I wanted the classroom to look and feel different... and it was a great excuse to change out the brown and blue color scheme I went with 3 years ago when moving into this school.... now I am in pink heaven with all the pink, black, and chevron that I was able to find at  Hope you enjoy this little tour of my classroom!
This is a view from my desk, which is in the back corner of the room.

Student Mailboxes / Fancy Nancy shrine ;)

More Mailboxes... I love decorating my shelves with books.

My new card-pull chart. I found the Chevron pockets at Lakeshore and couldn't resist! And just as a little side note, if you ever decide to cut the numbers out with a cameo (like I did)... cut them on vinyl, not cardstock... this was a PAIN to glue all the numbers onto the envelopes.... DUH! Vinyl would've been so much easier.

Back of the room... I have a few ideas for the large bulletin board... sill not 100% sure. Also, the "question / concept" board is for our reading program.

I am LOVING my new helper chart... I made this using my cameo (and VINYL this time! YAY). The chevron letters came from THIS pack.  

Just doing my part to encourage my students to go to the BEST university around! Go Utah State Aggies!

Here's a view toward the front of the room... see that random bulletin board above my file cabinets... I've never known what to do with it... so it's just been ignored for the past three years.... then I had an idea....

TA-DA! I love how this turned out!  I printed a few posters from THIS pack, added a little ribbon, and it was perfect!

I am trying something new with the calendar this year... I got the number of the day set HERE, and the calendar pieces HERE.
a view from the front of the room

my new table totes... I didn't actually NEED new totes... but target had PINK and BLACK ones... so I knew it was a sign :) LOL! I love them.  It's really the little things that make me smile I guess!
 And last, but not least.... it's giveaway time!!  Thank you, for donating a $25 gift certificate to one lucky reader...

ANDREA LEE! Congrats to Andrea! She said she would like to buy cardstock or classroom answer buzzers... happy shopping, Andrea!!

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AND, since it took me forEVER to get this post up... I have a little freebie for ALL of you.  Click HERE to download some "super reader" bookmarks for your students.  I made these the other day after my students went to the library and I realized that I didn't buy bookmarks for them... DUH! Talk about a teacher brain cramp.  These bookmarks are in black and white, and I printed them on white cardstock and let my kids color them... they loved it! Hope you can use it too.  Enjoy :)

I'm linking up my classroom reveal with the lovely Cyndie, from "Chalk one up for the Teacher".... feel free to check out some other darling classrooms below: