Sunday, October 2, 2016

Flocabulary Review & Giveaway!

 How many of you are using Flocabulary in your classroom? I’ll admit, I didn’t hear about it until last year, but once I discovered it, I was quickly hooked!  So what exactly IS Flocabulary?  I’m glad you asked! Flocabulary is a web-based learning program for all grades and subjects that uses educational hip-hop music to engage students and increase achievement. Flocabulary offers more than 750 instructional units to support instruction in math, science, social studies, ELA, vocabulary, current events and life skills, with new content every week.

I’m excited to be partnering up with Flocabulary and giving away free memberships! Read on to find out more about what the site has to offer and the chance to win a FREE year-long subscription! You also have the opportunity to earn a 45-day extended free trial that is accessible to not only you, but everyone at your school just for entering! How awesome is that?!

As a school technology specialist, Flocabulary saves me so much time -- I have to create lessons to teach across K-6, so I love being able to go onto Flocabulary, search by topic, then narrow the results by grade level.  Each video comes with a lesson plan, so once I find the perfect video, I can download the ready-made lesson plan and I’m good to go! The best part is how engaging these lessons are -- the students love singing along with the printable lyrics, and I love having things ready to go, no matter what grade I’m teaching that day.  You can check out some of their great lesson plans by following their boards on pinterest: they have one for elementary and one for middle and high school.  In addition to all the awesome things you get with a paid subscription, Flocabulary has a free section accessible from their home page.  One of my favorite free lessons is the “area and perimeter” lesson -- my students were struggling with area and perimeter until I taught this lesson.  Once we did this lesson, it wasn’t uncommon to hear them singing:

With the area, that's the space inside,
For a rectangle, its length and width are multiplied.
And perimeter, the distance around a shape,
Just add the sides together and then you'll be great.

Check it out and you’ll find yourself singing along too!

Now I know what you’re thinking - well that’s cool, but how do I try it out myself?  Well, just for signing up below, you will receive a FREE 45-DAY extended trial that’s not only for you, but for your ENTIRE SCHOOL! I mean, it can’t get much better than that! Also, you will be entered for the chance to win a FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION! I will be giving away THREE OF THESE! Winners will be announced on or around October 18th. Even if you don’t win, remember that you will still get that 45-day extended free trial for your whole school! Everyone's a winner!  After signing up, you will receive information to access your free trial the week of October 18th. Sign up now! You’ve got nothing to lose!! Be sure to enter every field in the sign up box and your free trial information will be e-mailed to you. You must enter by OCTOBER 16 @ 11:59pm EST!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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