Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back-to-School Calendars & Sale

sooo... I think I might be in denial about the fact that school is about to start!!  Meaning that my classroom STILL isn't ready... and my lesson plans... well... let's not go there right now ;)  Thankfully, the kiddos don't come until Wednesday, so I still have a few days to pull everything together.  Anyway... Have you seen my calendar sets? These started as a simple project after seeing some darling clip art from the talented Ashley Hughes. Well, this quickly turned into an obsession (I might have stayed up until 4 am making calendar sets one night!! True story!) Why do I love calendar so much? There are SO MANY math concepts you can teach during the calendar. I often use different colored pieces to teach things like even and odd, skip counting, patterns like AB, ABC, growing, etc. We also review time, money, days of the week, and months of the year while we are at the calendar. For years, I used a set from a packet called "every day counts", and it is a great program.... Except for one thing... The calendar pieces weren't "cute".... I mean, I'm not all into being a perfectly-pinterest-ed classroom, but I also don't like calendar pieces with cereal boxes and shoe boxes.... Yes, it teaches geometric shapes, but it's just not CUTE.... And, the calendar kit I have is pre-CC, so some of the monthly pieces teach things that aren't relevant to the common core (such as the month that has symmetrical shapes.... We don't teach lines of symmetry in 2nd grade with CC).  And with that, my "apples and stars" calendar sets were born.... And as you can see, I have a hard time making decisions, so I just kept making more and more sets with every color under the sun:) ohhhh, and did I mention that the pieces are available in two different sizes in each packet?! Yup! There are 3 x 3 pieces and 2.5 x 2.5 pieces so it will fit perfectly in larger pocket charts or smaller poster-style calendar sets (if you're like me and using an old "every day counts" calendar, you will want to use the 2.5 inch pieces)...

Here's a sneak peek into the packets.... Each packet has two colors that hopefully match your styles... And each color combo has both apples and stars for the number pieces, so even with just ONE calendar set, you have FOUR different sets of number pieces to make calendar patterns with. But, just imagine how much fun you could have with two, three, or ALL FIVE?! :)

Each packet also includes month headers with and without holiday decorations, and in each color. And my favorite part of the calendar is the holiday and special event pieces. Look at how cute these are?! I lam so scatterbrained and always forget what day it is or what's going on in the month, so the holiday pieces will be so fun to put on my calendar. I've even included a set of holiday cards for any of you that are up in Canada.

So, here's the deal, these are going to be on sale Monday and Tuesday as part of the big TPT sale, but you can win one here right now!! Spread the word, the rafflecopter closes at midnight. 
Also, please let me know what kind of number pieces you would like to see next.... If I use your idea, you will get the set for free :) 


  1. My favorite set is the blue and purple!!

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  2. I love the blue and pink set. It is adorable. My favorite colors are blue and pink. My room is painted pink.

  3. My favorite is the green and turquoise. It might be cute to have one with a gray--like yellow and gray or turquoise and gray?