Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If I were an elf {new pack + giveaway!}

If you recall my post about burnout this summer, you might remember some of the goals I set for this year... one of my goals was to work less, and live more... seems ironic to set a goal like that at the same time I open up a TPT shop and teaching blog :) LOL! BUT, I've been trying really hard to spend more time with friends and not spend so much time at school.  So between having a life and being sick (why am I cursed with sinus infections?!?!?!) I just haven't been on my computer much lately... and you know what, that's okay. There have been entire WEEKS where I don't turn on my home computer at ALL.  It's been nice... however, my TPT to-do list keeps growing by the minute as I get new ideas of things I want to make... sooner or later, I will get around to it {I hope!}

Anyway, it's been a while since I've posted anything new, but I finally got around to making up a new packet... mostly out of desperation... I have been trying to come up with things to keep my kiddos entertained during indoor recess. I don't know what the weather is like where you're at, but here in Utah it's been COLD.... and here's the thing... we can't take our kids out to recess unless it's at least 20 degrees... well, as you can see, we haven't had many outdoor recesses lately... thus my latest packet was born...
this was the forecast over the weekend... notice it says about 1 inch of snow possible.... that's because on Saturday night it dumped well over a FOOT of snow on us... and Monday morning I woke up to much more than just an "inch" of snow!

Today.... BRRRR!
So yeah, Sunday I was super sick, and woke up to a foot or more of snow... so I decided to hunker down, make some chicken noodle soup, and create.... And let me just tell you... I am LOVING my new packet! Just look how cute it is :)

I *LOVE* the movie "Elf", and bought some super cute elf clip art this summer, but never got around to using it... so one day I just printed off some elf pages for my students to color, and they were in HEAVEN! I haven't seen them  this excited since I don't know when... So once I sat down to start making this packet, the ideas just kept coming.... 70 pages later, my packet was finally done (for now anyway... just found more cute elf clipart tonight... might be adding another art project soon! LOL).  Anyway, here's a little information about the packet, as well as a few preview pages... but keep reading for your chance to win the packet!!
The packet has everything you need to turn your students into Santa's little elves... this packet has been such a lifesaver for inside recess, but would also be great for a last minute sub or a time filler between now and Winter break (I have 7 more days...I think I can, I think I can!)
There are 6 graphic organizers (bubble maps and standard list-type organizers); elf applications, elf information sheets, persuasive writing pages (the kids get to write letters telling Santa why he should hire them or why they would make a great elf); and an assortment of "elf yourself" style pages where the elves don't have faces -- that way the kids can either draw their own elf-face, or you can glue pictures of the children onto the elf. How cute is that?! Here's a few pages from the preview:
In addition to all of the above awesomeness,  there's a few extra pages just to give you and your class a good laugh... I added a "can, have, are" page, because my students have been rocking those graphic organizers with our non-fiction text lately, so I wanted to see what answers they would come up with for elves... trust me, it's hilarious!  I also had a request for an elf "craftivity" of some sort... Don't get too excited, it's nothing fancy.... after all, I have  7 days of school left... I'm more concerned with surviving than making a cute craft at this point.  If we get our ornaments and cookie mats finished, it will be nothing short of a miracle... (and if I have time, I will post the cookie mats later this week) SO, if you're looking for a super cute elf that you have to trace and cut out of construction paper and scrapbook paper, and add ribbons and bows, then I'm sorry to disappoint you... but if you're looking for something that you can simply copy and let your kids color and cut, then you've come to the right place :) (After all, I am the "good enough" teacher, not the "over-the-top-I-never-sleep-at-night" teacher! LOL!!) See that little elf sample above... I think that is SUPER cute and will look darling in the hallway... my class hasn't finished it yet, but if we get it finished, I will take a picture of the bulletin board.
I really hope you will check it out on teacherspayteachers... it's on sale until Friday... but you can enter to win by leaving a comment on this post... simply tell me how many days of school you have left, and what the weather has been like for you. That's it. Super easy.  I'll post the winner on Thursday night :)


  1. It's hot over where I am at! We have 7 days left before the break! Excited!


  2. 1.3! (Our last "day" is only two hours!) But there's always next year, right? (And I would have to start in October to do 70 pages anyway!)

    How can you go weeks without turning on a computer? I don't blog or make things for TPT and I am on it constantly!

    FIngers crossed, as this would be a huge hit with second graders!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  3. 2 more days before the break! Chilly weather!


  4. Well, we have 7 more days of school but today is snow day #4 for us. We're hoping to go back tomorrow. It's been too icy/snowy and down-right cold!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties


  5. We have 7 more days of school until Christmas break. On Monday, we had a snow day and right now our weather is very cold with snow flurries.

  6. We have 7 more days until Christmas break as well! We are having super cold weather! Brrr!!!! It has been snowing all day today. Your elf packet is super cute!


  7. We have 7 days and it is freezing!!


  8. 6 days now. Cold

  9. Our school has 6 1/2 days left and we have had record COLD temps lately! Indoor recess is NOT fun!

  10. I have days left and it is freezing cold! Tomorrow will be -25! katienussbaum87@gmail.com

  11. It's been really cold in the mornings, but then really warm in the afternoon. The kids start out all bundled up and then shedding layers all over the place as the day goes on. We have 7 more days left! :)

  12. Wow, I thought we had cold temps with a high of 24 today, but that doesn't compare to some if the other comments!
    Only 6 school days to go!