Monday, October 26, 2015

Introducing: The Purple Pencil Sharpener!

A few years ago, I first introduced you to the "quietest classroom pencil sharpener". I have fallen in LOVE with this pencil sharpener and even ordered myself a pink one when they were released last year. I share my pencil sharpener with all my co-workers and try to spread the word every chance I get... Well, you can imagine my excitement when I recently found out that Classroom Friendly Supplies was adding a PURPLE pencil sharpener to their collection, and I knew that I *must* add it to my collection as well.... so, allow me to introduce you to.... the "Popular Purple Pencil Sharpener"!!!  Look how cute it is!!  I love purple almost as much as I love pink, so of course I was thrilled with the new color choice.  In addition to being super functional, I love the cute retro look of these sharpeners, and I love how small they are.  

Since I now own THREE of this fabulous pencil sharpeners, I decided to see how they are holding up after one and two years of use in the classroom, and compare it to the brand-new purple sharpener.  I also compared it to a popular electric sharpener that was kindly "donated" to me at one of my schools this year.  Check out my results below:
As you can see, even after one and two years of daily use in the classroom, both my green and my pink sharpeners are able to keep up with the quality of the new purple pencil sharpener.  I am in love with this new color and so happy to add it to my collection.  Stop by Classroom Friendly Supplies to order your sharpener today!

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