Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Quietest Pencil Sharpener

 Hi everyone, today I am talking about Classroom Friendly Supplies! Have you heard of them?? “Classroom friendly supplies” was created by a teacher, because who knows better than a teacher what a teacher needs, right?? I have seen countless posts about the "quietest classroom pencil sharpener" floating around the teacher / blogger world, but I was still a skeptic. I couldn't imagine that a small, hand-cranked pencil sharpener could possibly work better than my big bad beast of an electric pencil sharpener, so I contacted the creator, Troy, and told him of my disbelief. He immediately sent me one of his amazing pencil sharpeners to try in my classroom (and I must take a moment to apologize to Troy - the pencil sharpener arrived the day I was going out of town, and the day I returned, we ended up taking my dad to the ER, and the whole rest of the month is a blur between hospital visits and setting up my classroom!) Now that I have finally settled into something of a routine in my classroom, I was ready to break out the pencil sharpener and give it a shot. 
So here's what comes in the box.... I was surprised at how little is actually is. I put it side by side with my "beast" pencil sharpener, and it just looked so cute and tiny... 


I decided to try a few different pencils and do some side by side comparing, and I really think the photos speak for themselves.... I started with just a normal pencil and put one in each sharpener. Any guesses as to which pencil was sharpened by the quietest pencil sharpener?

Well if you guessed orange, you'd be right! I can't tell you how happy I was after just 1 pencil. But then came the real test. The pencils I have for my students are a little bit bigger / thicker than standard pencils, and I was worried that they wouldn’t fit…. Luckily they did, so I began sharpening… (I don’t think you could fit anything too much bigger in this sharpener though, so if you love the chubby kindergarten pencils, it might not work.)
Here's a side-by-side picture of my students' pencils prior to sharpening them.... Wowzers!! Just LOOK at those tips!! I was seriously in SHOCK! My "beast" pencil sharpener could never deliver a point like that. Not gonna lie, I was impressed.... I sharpened pencil after pencil...

I wasn't sure what to think when I came across this broken pencil.... As much as I love my indestructible pencils, there's always one child who will find a way to break these.... Once they are broken like this, I usually have to throw them away.... I decided to put the pencil sharpener to the ultimate test, and as you can see, it passed with flying colors!

All it took was one afternoon of sharpening and I was in love. But wait, it gets better... The quietest pencil sharpener is now available in PINK!!! Woah!!! Hold the phone.... I am definitely going to be ordering a PINK pencil sharpener to match all of the pink in my classroom (annnnd.... I know...I still need to post my classroom makeover pics... I will get to it soon, I promise!) Want to know the best part about the pink pencil sharpeners?  $1 from the sale of every Precious Pink Pencil Sharpener is donated to cancer research and awareness! Breast cancer is something near and dear to my heart, and has affected many of my family members...so anything that supports cancer research is a win in my book.  And seriously?! How adorable is this?!?!
Oh, and did I mention that all of their orders include FREE SHIPPING?!  That's right. The price you see is the price you pay. No extra charges for shipping. And since most of us pay for many school supplies out of our own pocket, every little bit counts!
 Okay I have rambled on long enough.... One last thing to tell you about these pencil sharpeners.... The down side.... The morning after I sharpened all the pencils, my students definitely noticed a difference in the sharpness of the lead. My boys were running from table to table showing off their SHARP pencils.... And arguing over whose pencil was sharper. HA! It was so funny. You'd think they had never seen a sharp pencil in their entire lives. Three days later, the pencils were still going strong and I hadn't had to sharpen a single one. I think I am in pencil sharpener heaven! Thank you, classroom friendly supplies, for the awesome pencil sharpener!

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  1. Is this pencil sharpener still working as well now as it did at the beginning of the year? Thanks!

    1. Believe it or not, it does. I was just sharpening pencils for my students this morning and it worked like a charm. I meant to order some when they had a sale for teacher appreciation week, but totally forgot... I will be buying a few more though for sure. I would like to have one at my house, and a few more for my classroom :) definitely worth the $$!