Friday, September 27, 2013

GNO - Cardio Ballet

Have you ever heard of cardio ballet? Cardio Barre recently opened in Quarry Bend, so I rounded up a few friends and we headed out for a fun-filled, energetic girls night out. I asked one of my friends to write the post for this, because who doesn't love a guest post every now and then?! (And because I was too sick to care... this class was 2 days before I ended up at instacare... the rest of September is mostly just a blur!) So please welcome my friend C, who will be reviewing our trip to Cardio Barre!
A & C - sisters & guest bloggers for the day :)
One recent Thursday night, my friends and I were long past due for a Girl's Night.  What do you do for Girl's Night when you have a stay at home mom, a teacher, a medical professional, and a business professional all of whom work crazy hours.....find time to work out together, so we all can try to maintain some sanity in our lives.  I've been trying to focus on working out more (and not just more work!), so we decided to check out the opening of  the new Cardio Barre in Quarry Bend! 
I've been watching for these types of classes and was glad I got a chance to attend one at Cardio Barre.  The class is fast paced, with fun music, and new moves to keep you going.  I loved the soft carpeted floor and that they had the weights that you needed there.  There is a lot of space on the floor and the barre space which makes the workout more enjoyable. 

It was a fun workout and I can see this type of workout keeping me motivated to leave my work and go enjoy an hour to myself.
Thank you Cardio Barre and Lole SLC for hosting us and providing us with a great evening, snacks, and loot :) If you live here in Utah, you definitely need to check them out!



  1. Great post thanks for the link and I'm glad I avoided all pics woohoo!!

  2. How fun! I'm sad that I missed it. Great post.

  3. all the sudden I am craving a smoothie. :)