Friday, September 27, 2013

GNO part II - my review :)

If you remember my post on burnout earlier this summer, you may remember that I set a goal to do more outside of school and have more of a life... so this post has nothing to do with teaching, but has everything to do with taking time for yourself and getting out of the classroom!
Have you ever heard of cardio ballet? Cardio Barre recently opened in Quarry Bend, so I rounded up a few friends and we headed out for a fun-filled, energetic girls night out.
I was super excited to try this workout, because I took ballet and pointe for many years growing up... However, as they called out "first position, third position" I found myself having to think for a minute or two... clearly I need to brush up on my ballet skills!
we were posing with our cell phones as part of their instagram challenge... so in addition to working out, we were trying to snap some creative photos to win prizes! It was very fun and creative for sure!

I had so much fun! Any workout that starts with Imagine Dragons, rocks on with Maroon 5, and ends with a little "blurred lines" (I know I shouldn't like that song, but dang it's catchy!!) is a win in my book!  Who knew ballet could rock?!

I am excited to go back and try it again.  I am definitely more comfortable in my weekly zumba class, because I have been going to that for over a year, so hopefully by trying cardio ballet a few more times, I will feel more confident in this type of workout as well.  It is totally different from zumba, and I could feel the burn for DAYS after the class.

I am in love with the vinyl tree in the kids play area... how fun would that be in a classroom?!?

Subway Sandwiches, smoothies from Red Mango, and loot bags (complete with socks, a plush towel, and a tank top... now I'm ready to go to a second class in style!)

Thank you Cardio Barre and Lole SLC for hosting us and providing us with a great evening, snacks, and loot :) If you live here in Utah, you definitely need to check them out!



  1. It was awesome an I can't wait to do it again too

  2. I would love to attend one of those classes. I have not heard of any in my area yet. I will have to keep a look out. I too was very involved in ballet and point when I was young and on into high school. I think it would be really enjoyable, like a walk down memory lane.