Sunday, September 15, 2013

Winners and other cool things

Happy Sunday! I wanted to quickly tell you a little bit about my new favorite store, Brookstone.  Have you ever been there?  I hadn't until recently, and I have to say, it was so cool!  I went to buy a fitbit, which all my friends bought this summer... so of course I had to be cool like them and get a fitbit too!

my fitbit one!

I had a few people ask about the fitbit after I posted a screenshot from my phone on facebook this week, so I wanted to share the scoop with you!  Fitbit is like an advanced pedometer that tracks steps taken, total miles walked, floors climbed, and it can even track your sleep if you want it to!  I also love competing against my friends each week to see who can take the most steps.  This has been the best purchase I have made in a while.  It has helped me become more aware of my daily activity, as well as my really bad sleep habits (I am really trying to go to bed before midnight on school nights!!) Here's a few screenshots to show you what it tracks:

first day of school - proof that teachers don't just sit around all day!

full day of school plus an evening Zumba class... I was EXHAUSTED!

this is what a GOOD night's sleep looks like

hmm... looks like I had a rough night...

you know it's going to be a bad day when your sleep looks like this!
I have insomnia, so these charts will be great to have next time I meet with my doctor to discuss sleeping pills, and see what the best options are to help me sleep better at night.

Right now, living social has a deal for Brookstone, where you can buy a $50 gift certificate for $25... that takes the total cost of the fitbit flex or fitbit one down to only $75, and believe me, it is worth it! BUT, since I already have a fitbit, I think this time around, I am going to purchase the super cool sand that they have at Brookstone.  I saw people playing with it at the mall last week, and was so curious!  Just look at this.... how fun would it be for a science activity table??  AND, I *love* that it doesn't make a mess!  Here's a little bit of info from the brookstone website:

SAND is kinetic—that means it's designed to stick to itself but not to you. It flows through your fingers just like wet sand, but leaves them completely dry and mess-free. And no matter how you pull, stretch and separate SAND (even if some gets on the floor), it always recombines easily. No vacuum cleaners or mops needed. But here’s the best part: when you’re ready to break out the SAND again, it’s just the same as it was when it came out of the jar. It never dries out and needs no liquid additives. If it does get wet, just let it dry out before playing with it again. It’s that easy.  
I'll be honest, I had a little too much fun playing with it at the store!  I don't have any pics from that day, because I was playing with it while my iphone was being repaired at the Apple Store... but trust me, it is SUPER FUN... I think my students will love it!
 And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for... I'm sorry to be so slow about posting the winners for last week's awesome giveaway... here's the lucky winners for the homework pack from Second Story Window! Be sure to check your email for your prize!
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